Zarmaya isn’t just a real estate company; we’re the architects of your dreams. We believe that everyone deserves a space that reflects their unique sense of joy and prosperity, and we’re dedicated to crafting homes that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.

We Provide Expert Insight to make buying a Home smart.


Discover a diverse portfolio of stunning properties, from elegant apartments to spacious villas, tailored to your lifestyle and aspirations.


Leverage our expertise and reach to get the best possible price for your existing property, opening doors to new possibilities.


Secure your future with strategic investments in Islamabad's booming real estate market. We'll guide you towards lucrative opportunities with peace of mind.

Buying and Selling All in One Place

Islamabad is a thriving metropolis brimming with potential, and Zarmaya is at the forefront of its exciting real estate landscape. We offer a diverse portfolio of properties, from luxurious apartments and elegant villas to spacious plots of land, ensuring you find the perfect investment for your future.

Investing in Your Future

Your address of happiness in Islamabad awaits. Discover Zarmaya properties that match your every desire and Embrace family moments.


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Hester Taylor

For overseas professionals like me, navigating Pakistan’s real estate market was made seamless and rewarding with Zarmaya.

I successfully invested in Islamabad remotely, thanks to Zarmaya’s seamless guidance and expertise. Transparent communication and an online platform kept him informed across continents, resulting in a prime property exceeding expectations. Zarmaya is perfect for overseas investors seeking stress-free, profitable Pakistan real estate.

Waqar Ahmad
Software Engineer - UAE

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